Sound management is born from a sound soul. We'll put work and sit in Zen meditation a little!


"I believe Buddhism, and walk."


“The management" writes “経営” by Chinese characters.
It’s meaning “carries on the sutra”.
The chracter kei "経" is the warp of the fabric, and be explained teaching of Buddha by Sanskrit.
When We paraphrase, a baseline of telling and the right reason.


Origin also is a Buddhist language and is the meaning as "To set a target, do the power and apply oneself." a word as keiei "経営".


After working at Mitsubishi UFJ Trust&Banking Co, and gaining experience of corporation financing and management planning for 23 years, I became a priest of Zen. I received the chance to touch many proprietors in a thankful thing at a site of the bank, and study variously. But the same time , such wonderful proprietor was at stepped on a track, and I was also encountering the vivid situation to which a company is being tilted by mistake several times.


Isn't there a stable tail assembly like the reason of the eternal immortality for a proprietor anywhere?


The response has been seen when I became a priest of Zen, and was to be confronted with the Buddhism from the front, and be piled up my experience at a bank.
Sound management will be grounds of many people who gather round there.


First,it's learned correctly the Buddhist essence which is useful for management, and which is called 5words of "the Four Noble Truths" "Noble Eightfold Path" "the impermanence of all things" "everything disappers as a cause and condition" "moderation".
And spirit of the Zen sect which says "It finishes being here now." is learned.


This temple support and back up that an individual challenges in this life by sincerely a wonderful proprietor aiming at the coordinate axis.
                                                 Joining the palms together
                                                 Rev. Issyu Ikuta




↓This is MUMONKAN Acadmy page's link. The Mumonkan is Gateless Barrier for Zen.




1. We be the place where people aiming at sound management trying hard to improve oneself.


2. A powerful and flexible proprietor brought up and support by based on a Buddhist traditional sense of values


3. We uplift spirit of a Zen sect with leaders, and contribute to the world.

For proprietors, man-to-man advice guidance course

Rinzai Zen Sect Izu Komuroyama Zen meditation hall is preparing 2 courses that "for proprietors, man-to-man advice guidance course" and "for manager and leaders, training course of a small number of people".





【for proprietors course】<% 禅,坐禅,仏教,経営  %>


[The feature] Because actuality has formed along an individual, First, I'll ask you about you and your company’s story carefully, and go while piling up a dialogue, I consider better direction together.


I take time for 2 days for you. Please refer to an image figure above-mentioned for the guidance method. But, how to put a point of advice guides changes with each situation.


The purpose is to put management on a right orbit and lead a more right solution to the respective problems.To make sound company which lasts long, We'll make an effort together.


[The condition] Be a proprietor. And sincere your life. Meet in independent way with sense of purpose.


[The capacity] 1 person/once


[Schedule] I consult and decide beforehand.


[The contents] it's different depending on the purposes you're consulting. For example you said the present purpose is “judges the way which should be developed and would like to put the order of priority", you told me your talk (4 points, history, an idea, the present state and a theme were indispensable.) first. And next I explain you the basic way of thinking to advance towards the right direction using a slide. I'll guide in a way to straighten of an everyday mind and body through Zen meditation almost and the present state is checked. Next whether a management idea and the contents of Vision are suitable for your real state of affairs and reason is considered and the situation of the idea and the edge to achieve Vision is judged based on financial corroboration on it, and thinks a better solution is obtained together. Therefore there is also a possibility that We come in late at night for a process of advice guidance.




[Application method] Please apply to the following mail address,.and after mentioning 7 items of (1)a company name, (2)a post, (3)the name, (4)a date of birth, (5)your company’s HP address,(6) 2 candidate days,(7) the main consultation purpose




[Something to bring] (1)company brochure, (2)nearest financial statement, (3)brief summary of career, (4)writing implements, (5)something useful additionally for a low-ranking official to understand you, (6)clothes for Zen meditation,(7) toilet articles


[Note] PowerPoint, a projector and a white board are used. You can use, too.

For manager and leaders, training course of a small number of people

[The feature] This is 2 night 3 day training for learning that utilizes a point of the Buddhism for management and work.


An outfit as a leader is trained through lesson in a practicing curriculum by a small number of people and experience Zen meditation in accordance with a life at a Zen temple.


Lesson in a classroom is total of 4 times during a period.
During a period, at least 45 minutes/time of the personal consultation of 1 person are also set up, so please utilize.
You can get member qualification of a “Mumonkan” academy.
Please challenge “Kouan” practice from anywhere and anytime


[The condition] Be sincere your life. Meet in independent way with sense of purpose.


[The capacity] at most 5 people/once


[Schedule] 2times in month, First and third weekend of Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


[Cost] Donation


[Application method] Please apply to the following mail address and after mentioning 7 items of (1)the address,(2) the name (3)the date of birth, (4) Company name ,(5) title,(6) the request date,(7) the main purpose.




[Something to bring]
(1) please have the clothes which tend to do Zen meditation and work, etc..
(2) please bring toilet articles and a towel.
(3) There are no supper who doesn’t enter after 4 o'clock p.m. If possible, please come by 4:00pm.


[The contents]
* 5:00   Wake up.
* 5:20   exercise.
* 5:30   Zen meditation (2 pillars).
* 7:00   breakfast.
* 8:30   Working(practice in temple).
* 10:00  Lesson in a classroom.
* 12:00  lunch.
* 13:00  Free time (Individual consultation time is set up.)
* 17:00  supper.
* 18:30  Zen meditation (3 pillars).
* 20:00  Lesson in a classroom.
* 21:30  Tea time (assembly meeting).
* 22:30  Turning off the lights.


* note.1: 4 themes of lesson in a classroom does during a period. Themes are "Let's Zen meditation. The way to get health of heart and a body (compulsion) " "Intellectual preparation of Zen (compulsion) " "the Buddhist essence utilized for management (compulsion) " "basic knowledge of the money you don't tell at school (choice)" "one-point lesson of the urgent rescue useful for life (choice)" " learning for Buddha and Plato (choice)" includes a question and answer.


* note.2: A stay is a gender-segregated room.


* note.3: A meal is made by everyone in accordance with a life in a temple. It isn't perfect living on vegetables.


1261-77, Kawana, Ito-city, Shizuoka-Prefecture,Japan




1. In Case of Train
From JR Ito Station, it changes to Izukyu, and is the "Kawana Station" alighting.To the direction of the Komuro mountain, it is on foot about 20 minutes.


2. In Case of Bus
JR Ito Station alighting.The Tokai bus Komuro hiking is taken from the bus terminal in front of a station."Miharashi" bus stop alighting, on foot 1 minute.
Or the Tokai bus Zyouboshi circulation line is taken and to the "Ito commercial high school" bus stop alighting and the direction of the Komuro mountain. it is on foot about 7 minutes.


3. In Case of Car
National Route 135 is gone south, the Kawana crossing is crossed, and it turns left in the direction of the Komuro mountain at about 500 m.The "Miharashi" bus stop is turned to the right.
* The sign of the "Izu Komuro Mt. temple" stands near the "Miharashi" bus stop near the temple.



より大きな地図で /


The Izu Komuro Mt. temple is located in Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, and is located in one corner of the Komuro mountain general park which Ito-city improves.


Flowers every season, such as a camellia, a cherry tree, and an azalea, bloom, and it is dotted with the sightseeing lift to the summit of the mountain, a comprehensive ground, a tennis court, etc.


From the temple, Mt. Fuji and the Sagami bay can be looked down on, and it is being located at bright and quiet, there are beautiful nature, pure water and delicious air.


[Appearance of the Komuro Mt.]


[The four seasons of the Komuro mountain]

[The situation of a temple for Zen study]